Why TPG?

We provide you with the means to maintain your productivity and improve your profitability by removing the risk and eliminating the distractions that are inherent in recruiting, training, managing and sizing a technical or skilled labor workforce that is non-core or subject to significant variations in size and scope.

Whether the result of seasonal/cyclical fluctuations in production scheduling, the need for a specific project based team or the decision to outsource a particular non-core segment of your workforce, you need to be able to rely on a partner that is capable of understanding your goals, is able to execute efficiently and can provide the results you need, while at the same time making sure your quality, reputation, productivity and safety culture remain at the very highest level.

This is what TPG delivers.

How we work...

We work alongside our clients to supply technical and engineering talent and services across industry sectors. We source and supply the full range of technical and skilled trades disciplines to execute your projects & programs.

We also provide our technical and skilled labor force to light industrial and manufacturing companies needing resources to fulfill special project activities, to handle variable production loads or to manage specific departments or locations.

We maintain our proprietary employee database and also have access to multiple related databases to source, screen and qualify the personnel required for our clients. We have a full range of benefit programs available to eligible employees. We provide on-site supervision based upon scope and client requirements and will manage turnkey projects as needed